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Well, more specifically, screenwriter. That's where most of my experience is: I've been writing audiovisual content since 2010, in varied genres and languages.

I'm especially fascinated by telling stories of people who don't usually get their stories told, and, on a more technical level, by different narrative possibilities. 

I also have experience heading writers' rooms.

Script Doctor

However, if you already got a script and need someone to help and make it better, I can do that too. I have extensive teaching experience, and a strong focus on structure and character. 


My experience as a producer and director also allow me to  see the script from a production perspective, making the script doctoring a more rounded service.


I have varied teaching experiences - I was an English and Ballet teacher in a previous life -, but have focused more recently in teaching writing.


I have taught Dramaturgy and Scene Writing at university level, and led workshops on the Writer's Room methodology in European Broadcasters.

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