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A big city detective moves to a small, isolated town, where crime isn't really a problem. However, when a string of weirdly gruesome suicides starts to happen, they can't help but think there's something behind the deaths - to the dismay of their skeptical partner.

Play the detective through the investigation of the suicides, and embark in their descend as the process makes them slowly lose their own sanity. And after the detective's fateful death, proceed to play the skeptical partner, facing all the consequences of your choices in the first half of the game.

All the choices made in the first part of the game will directly affect the second. For example, information you, as the detective, gave the partner will be in their notebook, information you didn't, won't. Additionally, the higher the relationship with the partner, the better you can make sense of the dead detective's notebook and, therefore, access different theories of what is behind the suicides.

You'll also have the opportunity of returning to crime scenes, and see that some of the evidence you think you had as the detective is actually a result of their paranoia. But while there, you may discover different evidence that points in a new direction... In the end of the day, is there really something behind the suicides? Or was the detective just insane?

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